Sumi Kannyu White Donabe Casserole, 34 Oz.

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Kannyu White Donabe Casserole

Special heat-resistant ceramic cookware featuring a fine cravling pattern called Ninsei"s Kannyu. By skillfully controlling the proportions of raw materials, Ginpo produces minute fractures on the outer surface of the glaze and then fill the fractures with "sumi" to highlight the pattern and contrast. The Sumi Kannyu series pots are very popular; noted for the designs, they convey the feeling of cleanliness with patterns you will always enjoy in any occasion. Just make sure there is always some liquid in the base so your casserole does not burn. Please view other tips to care for your donabe. - Learn More

  • Serves 2 ~ 3 - aprx. 34 oz.
  • 11.5" x 9.75" x 5.25"h.
  • Oven*, open flame safe.
  • Hand wash and dry well.
  • Made in Japan.

*Please remove the cover before placing in the oven.

Ginpo (established in 1932):

To maintain the quality of their products, Ginpo purchases only carefully selected raw materials and has created an integrated production system, from clay-making and glaze formulation to kiln firing. For the year 2000, Ginpo received and has maintained their ISO9001 certification - International Standard for Quality Management System. To ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement, Ginpo implements and manages the production and development systems in accordance with the ISO9001 standards, consistently producing on the highest quality of product.


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