Tea Lover

Tea is the beverage of champions! Encourage your loved ones to reap all the benefits of drinking tea. For more tea items, click over to our Teaware section or for Matcha enthusiasts, try the Matcha section!

Black & Blue Glaze Tea Set

Item No: J3514A

Black Cat Tea Set

Item No: SAN2121

Sold Out
Blue Irabo Mug With Lid

Item No: E641B

Blue Mums Tea Canister

Item No: T804

Blue Vintage Dots Tea Pot

Item No: J5125

Calligraphy White Tea Set

Item No: E803G

Dragonfly Tea Set

Item No: J2726

Floral Fall Tea Set

Item No: J6005

Green Hakeme Mug With Lid

Item No: E641A

Sold Out
Iga Oribe Mug With Lid

Item No: E648B

Ishi Teacup Set

Item No: J3794Z

Little Red Tea Set

Item No: SAN1765

Mori Relief Mug Wave

Item No: 300410

Mug with Lid House Gray Roof

Item No: AR0604169