We make buying trips to Japan several times a year to bring the best of Japan home to you. Here are some of our favorites!

Black Cat 5-1/2" Plate

Item No: J6507

Sold Out Available After 04-17-2023
Sold Out Available After 04-17-2023
Bowl Blue Whale Waves 5"

Item No: 150-654

Bowl Blue Whale Waves 8"

Item No: 150-653

Cast Iron Black Leaf Coaster

Item No: 480-963

Cast Iron Black Wave Tea Set

Item No: 410-183

Cat Gone Fishing Plate

Item No: J6571

Cat Lunch Oval Plate

Item No: J6504

Cat Party 9-1/2" Plate

Item No: J6575

Mogu Mogu Hedgehog Set

Item No: J6541

Mogu Mogu Lion Set

Item No: J6540

Mogu Mogu Seal Set

Item No: J6542

Namako Koi Side Dish

Item No: J6203