Donabe, the Japanese word for clay pot, is a highly versatile and simple cooking vessel that is essential to every kitchen. They are one of the oldest types of cooking pots in Japan. Made from porous clay that heats up slowly and evenly, they’re able to hold heat at its peak temperature. This allows for gentle even cooking desired for the perfect one pot home cooked meals. You can cook everything from soups and stews to rice and casseroles in this dish. Japanese donabe cookware make great hot pots that are portable and perfect for group meals like traditional nabemono dishes such as shabu-shabu. You can use it on an open flame or in the oven without the lid. These kiln fired earthen pots hold heat well even after being removed from the heat source. Donabes are not only great for one pot cooking, they even make a beautiful dish to serve by minimizing the need for excess serving ware. Easy to use and clean, it’s no wonder that every Japanese home has at least one donabe.