Tenugui Ruined Palace at Soma

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Tenugui with image of Ruined Palace at Soma

Soma no furu-dairi ni Masakado no himegimi Takiyasha by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi was one of the leading ukiyo-e artists in the Edo period. This design is one of his most famous pieces, influenced by the manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki, and the book, Utou Yasukawa Chugiden, by Santo Kyoden.

It depicts the character, Mitsukuni, defying the skeleton spirit called up by a witch named Takiyasha, at the old imperial palace at Soma. The original story features several skeletons but Utagawa believed one giant skeleton would be more impactful.

The tenugui uses a double gauze, weaving technique with a staggered sewing pattern that results in a high absorbency and high quality texture. Perfect for using in the bath, wiping perspiration from your face, as a napkin, or as a kitchen towel.

  • 12-1/2" x 35"
  • Cotton.
  • Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi.
  • Made in Japan.


In Stock