Hand polished, carved, painted and finished with lacquer from wood that has been sun dried for six to twelve months, these beautiful Kokeshi dolls are a wonderful example of Japanese craftsmanship and art.

Iwako Kokeshi Doll Erasers

Item No: ER-COK001

Kokeshi Asuka Sakura

Item No: 590-223

Kokeshi Big Sister Mineko

Item No: 590-225

Kokeshi Doll - Saki

Item No: US4-11

Sold Out
Kokeshi Doll - Kaiyo

Item No: US64

Kokeshi Doll - Kana

Item No: US8-13

Kokeshi Doll - Mana

Item No: US10-35

Kokeshi Doll - Miho

Item No: US22

Kokeshi Doll - Miu

Item No: US2-32

Sold Out
Kokeshi Doll - Reina

Item No: US2-25

Sold Out
Kokeshi Doll - Remi

Item No: US11-31

Kokeshi Doll - Sakura

Item No: US7-19

Kokeshi Doll - Shiho

Item No: US2-4

Kokeshi Ojizo Brown

Item No: 590-218

Kokeshi Rinna Spring Kimono

Item No: 590-228