We make buying trips to Japan several times a year to bring the best of Japan home to you. Here are some of our favorites!

Kudamono Sauce Dish Orange

Item No: J5579E

Mizumi 11.25" Plate

Item No: J5568

Mizumi 4.25" Rice Bowl

Item No: J5561

Mizumi 6" Bowl

Item No: J5562

Mizumi 8.5" Plate

Item No: J5567

Mizumi 9.5" Serving Bowl

Item No: J5565

Mug - The Cat's Meow Blue

Item No: ZHD-59961

Mug - The Cat's Meow Yellow

Item No: ZHD-59962

Mug Blue Asanoha 16 oz.

Item No: J5483

Mug Blue Cats 16 oz.

Item No: J5487

Mug Blue Fugu 16 oz.

Item No: J5494

Mug Blue Hishiki 16 oz.

Item No: J5486