We make buying trips to Japan several times a year to bring the best of Japan home to you. Here are some of our favorites!

Haruto 8 Oz. Teacup Set

Item No: J5149

Sold Out Available After 03-25-2019
Kissing Cats Mug Set

Item No: SAN2754-2

Kissing Rabbits Mug Set

Item No: SAN2754-1

Matcha Bowl 4.25" Black

Item No: J5117

Matcha Bowl 4.25" Brown

Item No: J5115

Sold Out Available After 04-24-2019
Matcha Bowl 4.25" Gray

Item No: J5116

Sold Out Available After 04-24-2019
Sold Out
Moai Gray 12 Oz. Mug

Item No: SAN3015

Mug Calico Cat Shaped

Item No: MG-74358

Mug Set Angel and Devil Cats

Item No: ZCB-37471

Mug Under The Stars Blue Cats

Item No: MG-74511

Panda Hanging Spoon 4.5"

Item No: CB-21704