The cutest figurines to decorate your home, office, desk, cubicle, wherever you need a pick me up. Choose from all sorts of animals and accessories. These are oh so Japanese.

Feng Shui Owl - Gold

Item No: D-34G

Figurine - Traveling Cat

Item No: ZCB-59710

Figurine 2.25" H Green Chair

Item No: ZCB-26799

Figurine Angel Cat 1.5"H

Item No: ZCB-74598

Sold Out
Figurine Baby Cat Blue

Item No: ZCB-59771

Figurine Baby Cat Pink

Item No: ZCB-59772

Figurine Barista Bear

Item No: ZCB-74674

Figurine Black Cat Coffee

Item No: ZCB-74676

Figurine Bowtie Cat Pair

Item No: ZSG-92250

Figurine Calico Cat

Item No: ZCB-82572

Figurine Cat Card Holder

Item No: ZCB-37466

Figurine Cat Daruma

Item No: ZCB-40786

Figurine Cat Daruma

Item No: ZCB-40785

Figurine Cat in a Box

Item No: ZHD-59965

Figurine Cat on Red Sofa

Item No: ZCB-92447