Cat Lover

Our featured cat items are just the tip of the scratching post! Check out more cat items in the Whimsy tab as well as the Blue Cats and Midnight Blue Cats tabs! And, of course, don't forget the beautiful Jewel Japan collection filled with cat designs that bring fun to life!

Black & White Cat Mug Set

Item No: SAN2140

Blue & White Cat Sake Set

Item No: J3629

Blue Cat Mug

Item No: G312B

Blue Cats 8 oz. Mug Miyu

Item No: 13471

Cat Ear Mug 10 Oz. Black

Item No: MG-13621

Cat Ear Mug 10 Oz. Calico

Item No: MG-13622

Cat Eyes 8 Oz. Mug - White

Item No: C2502A

Cat On Pillow Spoon Gray

Item No: MG-74353

Cat Paw Tongs - Large

Item No: T2501

Cat Phone Stand - Black Cat

Item No: ZCB-97539

Cats in Hats Mug with Lid

Item No: C4703

Eraser Black Cat Curled Up

Item No: AR0819108

Eraser Black Cat Laying Down

Item No: AR0819111

Eraser Black Cat Playing

Item No: AR0819110

Eraser Black Cat Sitting Up

Item No: AR0819109

Eraser Black Cat Stretching

Item No: AR0819107

Feng Shui Cat 3.5" - Red

Item No: D-32R

Figurine Calico Cat

Item No: ZCB-82572

Figurine Cat in a Box

Item No: ZHD-59965

Figurine Cat on Red Sofa

Item No: ZCB-92447

Sold Out
Figurine Cat Open Book

Item No: ZHD-59970

Figurine Cat Sleeping

Item No: ZHD-59966

I Miss You Cat Mug 1

Item No: AR0604099

I Miss You Cat Mug 2

Item No: AR0604100

Kabamaru 8 Oz. Mug Set

Item No: 6398

Kokeshi Doll - Remi

Item No: US11-31

Mug - The Cat's Meow Blue

Item No: ZHD-59961

Mug - The Cat's Meow Yellow

Item No: ZHD-59962

Mug Calico Cat Shaped

Item No: MG-74358

Mug with Lid Calico Cat

Item No: MG-92665

Pink Cat Mug

Item No: G312A

Plush Cat Daruma Large

Item No: ZCB-17731

Plush Cat Daruma Small

Item No: ZCB-17725

Plush Cat Sumo Large

Item No: ZCB-17732

Plush Cat Sumo Small

Item No: ZCB-17726

Purse Blue Fortune Cats

Item No: TX5306

Sauce Dish Cat Laying Down

Item No: AR0604191

Tea Towel - Red Cats

Item No: TX5480

T-Lab Wooden Animal - Cat White

Item No: K03-TL1-CAW

Towel Fuukin Cats Blue

Item No: TX5036

Sold Out