Ishi Glaze Collection

This wonderful series features a beautiful matte glaze that is reminiscent of natural stone. Made in Japan.

Ishi 22-Oz. Teapot - Gray

Item No: J3830D

Ishi 22-Oz. Teapot - Black

Item No: J3830F

Ishi 22-Oz. Teapot - Pink

Item No: J3830A

Ishi Teacup - Black

Item No: J3794F

Sold Out Available After 07-30-2019
Ishi Teacup - Gray

Item No: J3794D

Ishi Teacup - Orange

Item No: J3794C

Ishi Teacup - Pink

Item No: J3794A

Ishi Teacup Set

Item No: J3794Z