The blue and white Sendan Tokusa Collection is a gorgeous take on the traditional Japanese Tokusa design. These mesmerizing pieces have blue dotted lines that radiate from the center of the piece towards the rims. With exquisite detailing, these plates and bowls will make every meal special and thoughtful.

With a variety of shapes and sizes to browse, you will be able to find the exact bowl or plate you need for any meal. Whether you want a traditional Japanese noodle bowl or are just looking for a new set of plates to grace your table every day, you can find it all when shopping this collection. These blue and white plates come in round, rectangle and oval and run as small as 3.25” all the way up to 10”. With the bowls ranging from deep rice bowls to elegant shallow bowls, you will have the perfect background to enjoy your meals.

If you are looking for stand-out pieces for your home, you can use this collection as great serving or display dishes for meals or even as decoration around your house. These eye-catching dishes are easy to match to any home decor or table due to their clean blue and white pattern. From candles to catch-all trinket trays, your imagination is the limit on their versatility. Give yourself the gift of good design with the Sendan Tokusa Collection.

Sendan Tokusa 9.75" Bowl

Item No: C569

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Sendan Tokusa 10" Plate

Item No: C560

Sendan Tokusa 8.5" Plate

Item No: C559

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Sendan Tokusa 7" Bowl

Item No: C544

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