Cobalt Blue Series

The Cobalt Blue series from MIYA is the perfect way to give a unique look to your everyday dining experience. Named after their intense color, each of these made-in-Japan blue dishware pieces is special due to the nature of the crackle glazing. The borders have a more rustic glaze, giving every piece a handmade feel at an accessible price.

If you love a hot bowl of noodles to warm you up on a cold day, get the authentic bowl set with chopsticks for the perfect meal, with built-in notches to hold your chopsticks. You can even bring the beautiful blue mugs to your office to deliver a splash of color to your desk and your day. This collection can enhance conversation and pop to any dinner party, whether you are eating a traditional Japanese meal with chopsticks or hosting a casual brunch. From mugs to sushi-for-two sets, you can have it all with this collection.

These pieces not only are superb for every day but also make the perfect celebratory gift for weddings, birthdays or housewarming parties. Packaged in an elegant black gift box, it’s easy to spoil your friends and loved ones. With the versatility of this series, you can use them anywhere in your home. From candle and jewelry holders to wall hangings and centerpieces, you don’t have to limit this collection to your kitchen table.

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Cobalt Blue 6 Oz. Teacup

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Cobalt Blue Soup Spoon

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