Beautifully crafted, the Aranami Wave Series brings art to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. It is blue and white and cool all over. The versatility of each vessel makes them easy to adapt to any cooking style. Use the rice bowl for traditional Japanese dishes or as the perfectly sized ice cream bowl. Serve sushi or charcuterie from the rectangular plate. With dishwasher & microwave-safe bowls and plates ranging in a variety of sizes, you will always have the perfect dishes for all your needs.

Aranami 8.25" Bowl

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Aranami Wave 7" Bowl

Item No: J3479

Aranami 10" Plate

Item No: J3476

Aranami 7" Plate

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Aranami 8.5" Serving Bowl

Item No: J3474

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Aranami 6-7/8" Bowl

Item No: J3473

Aranami 5" Bowl

Item No: J3472

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Aranami 4.5" Rice Bowl

Item No: J3471

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Aranami 5" Bowl Set

Item No: J3472S