Bamboo Steamer Set 8"

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Bamboo Steamer Set - 8""

Bamboo steamer set - two tiers and one cover included. Perfect to cook/serve steamed vegetables and dim sum. Reheating leftovers with a steamer keeps food fresh and soft!

  • 8" diameter.
  • 3-pc set: 2 trays, 1 lid.
  • Dry thoroughly to store.
  • Made in China.


  1. Wet each piece of your bamboo steamer set.
  2. Fill steamer pot about 80 - 90% with water and bring to a boil. (Your pot needs to be able to hold the bamboo steamer off the water - some pots have ridges near the top or may be shaped with a wider opening to hold your steamer without it being immersed in the boiling water)
  3. After the water starts boiling, set your bamboo steamer set with raw vegetables on top.
  4. Keep the heat high enough to keep the steam flowing through the tiers and the cover.
  5. Steam the vegetables until they are fully cooked.


  • Place ingredients that take more time to cook in the bottom tiers.
  • Use cooking sheet(s) or cabbage leaves to layer the bottom of the tier when steaming dumplings or soft/oily foods.
  • Use a steam mesh cloth* when steaming small foods or vegetables such as rice, sprouts, etc.  

*Check out Steam Mesh Cloth →


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