Omakase Collection

The MIYA White Omakase Minimalist Dinnerware is the perfect way to have sophisticated pieces show off your culinary creativity. The word Omakase (O-ma-ka-say) means “it’s up to you” which blends perfectly with the idea of being a simple background to display your amazing meals.

With over 150 unique pieces to select from, you will be certain to find the exact dish or serving piece for anything you can cook up. From square bowls, and one bite appetizer spoons to teapots, olive oil plates, mugs and chopstick holders, this collection has it all.

Not only are there pieces specifically made for soups and sauces, but there are also decorative vases and candle holders to keep your entire table and meal clean and crisp looking. Have fun with your table, and mix and match these pieces with other collections by MIYA to get a dash of color and design onto your daily tablescape. Invite your friends and family over and turn your home into a five-star restaurant with these affordable dishes.

Straight Sq. Plate 8.75"

Item No: X14046

Straight Sq. Plate 10.5"

Item No: X14047

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Omakase Wave Bowl 7" X 3"H

Item No: X14072

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Omakase Wave Bowl 9" X 4"H

Item No: X14073

Large Oval Plate 19" X 7.5"

Item No: X14034

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Soup Plate 9.25" X 1.5"H

Item No: X15022

Soup Plate 11.5" X 2"H

Item No: X15021

Square Bowl 4" X 1.5"H

Item No: X14022

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Square Bowl 5.5" X 2.25"H

Item No: X14023

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Square Bowl 6.5" X 2.5"H

Item No: X14021

Sold Out Available After 03-08-2022
Square Bowl 8.25" X 3.25"H

Item No: X14020

Square Bowl 10" X 3.5"H

Item No: X14032

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Rim Square Plate 6.5"

Item No: X14003

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