Hibi Match Incense Sandalwood

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After years of trial and error, the Kobe Match Co, the creators of the Hibi Match, arrived at the perfect mixture of paper fibres, incense and charcoal to create the perfect strike-on-box incense match. Each one of the Hibi matches last for about ten minutes bringing delightful fragrances to anywhere you bring the palm-sized box, allowing short aromatherapy sessions for the busy individual.

The Harima region of Awaji island has been producing matches and incense for nearly one hundred and fifty years and the island accounts for nearly 70% of the match production in Japan. The westerly winds through Awaji island create the perfect temperature to dry incense; each of the fragrances derives from herbs grown by a local incense producer using traditional methods.

Each box contains 8 incense match sticks and a felt mat.

  • Strike the match along the side of the box to light.
  • Once the flame burns to the stick, blow out the flame.
  • The incense is in the match stick and once the flame is out, you can place it on the special felt mat (included in pack) and let the incense do its thing.