Gold Moon 4.75" Plate Set of 4

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The story of the rabbit and the moon (Tsuki no Usagi) is one of sacrifice and generosity of spirit. The Man on the Moon comes down to earth disguised as a beggar and asks a fox, a monkey and a rabbit for some food. The fox brings him fish, the monkey brings fruit and the rabbit can only offer some grass. The rabbit tells the beggar to make a fire and once built, throws himself into the fire so that the man can have some food. The Man on the Moon is so moved by the rabbit's kindness that he saves the rabbit and takes him back to live with him on the moon. It is said that when you look at the moon, you can see the outline of the rabbit. The gold plate that represents the full moon has the image of two rabbits incorporated into the design.

These exquisite gold and white plates are beautifully packaged in a great wood box for perfect gift giving. The plates can be used for small pastries, as bread plates, or as trinket trays. Place them on a foyer table as beautiful decoration, setting the ambience for your guests as they enter. Beautiful. Simple. Fun. That's Miya.

  • 4.75" diam. x 0.5" h.
  • Ceramic.
  • Dishwasher/microwave safe.
  • Set of 4 plates.
  • Wood gift box.
  • Made in Japan.


In Stock